What makes Kasanka so Special?

Kasanka offers the seasoned traveller a chance to experience a Southern African safari with tropical Congo elements in a remote and unspoilt wilderness that is unlike any other. It is so refreshing to encounter a park that offers such a rich diversity of animal, bird and plant life including several rare species including sitatunga, wattled crane, Ross’s Lourie and Blue Monkeys. Kasanka is also host to a unique and spectacular congregation of several Million Straw-Coloured Fruitbats every November and December. Pack your bags and venture out on a journey that will leave you with amazing experiences and unique memories.

"What a place and what an experience! Millions of fruit bats at sunset and sunrise make this one of the things you have to experience in life!"

Accommodation in Kasanka

Your stay at Wasa will allow you to experience the heart of Kasanka. The beautiful chalets overlooking the the lake, the welcoming staff and tranquil surrounds will put you at ease so that you can enjoy the safari of a lifetime.

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If you are an intrepid explorer and a seasoned traveller, Luwombwa Lodge is the place for you. Situated on the banks of the Luwombwa River, these chalets are tucked away offering a private stay with a focus on adventure and exploration.

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Directions to Kasanka

Kasanka National Park is located in Central Zambia, on the south western edge of the Lake Bangweulu basin, bordering the Democratic Republic of Congo. (GPRS Co-ordinates: -12.583286, 30.199989)

Visitoris can either fly directly into Kasanka by private charter plane, or else drive. 

The distance from Lusaka to Kasanka will take you approximately about 5 - 6 hours. And the distance from Northern Province will take you approximately 5-6 hours.

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Kasanka Guest Reviews


"Thank you for a fabulous week-end which was thoroughly enjoyed!"

March, 2016


"A great experience! The bat experience was amazing, the staff very helpful. Marvelous atmosphere, lodge is very nice, sitatunga from lodge are unbelievable, bird watching amazing too!"

November 2015


"It was fantastic and we enjoyed the time very much with the walking safaris and the game drives. The meals are very delicious and the guests were very happy!"

July 2016