Bat Season 2016 Highlights

What a busy season it was for Kasanka  in 2016 with the bats absolutely wowing the guests! To in order pay homage to the season, we have put together some highlights ahead of the upcoming 2017 season which includes some amazing images and footage offered to us by our guests – all of which you […]

Bat Season Competition 2016

What a treat we had with the bats this year! It seems that word among the bats is that Kasanka is the place to be because the numbers look like they are increasing each year and they seem to be lazy to leave, staying that little longer before finally flying home with bellies full. Each year we run our traditional […]

Halloween, Bats and Wildlife sightings in Kasanka

Written by: Tigger Scott, Wasa Lodge Manager The hyenas are hooting, the hippos are thundering and the bats are screeching – about nine million of them! Yep, the great migration is in full swing and Kasanka has entered it’s busiest month of the year. One of our first visitors to witness this amazing spectacle was […]

Unexpected Predators in Bat Season

The Bat Migration in Kasanka is a widely know phenomenon which brings about much excitement and anticipation being one of the most jaw-dropping spectacles of nature and an absolute must for the safari enthusiast! What many guests do not expect when they visit Kasanka over bat season is the predatory birds that can be sighted in and […]

A week of bats and birds

Hi All… While bookings and enquiries for Kasanka National Park have kept us on our toes, our teams on the ground have given us some great feedback and news which you may want to have: Firstly, our group brought up by Grant Reed of Letaka Safaris saw a Northern Wheatear whilst at Shoebill Island Camp […]