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The arrival of 10 million straw coloured fruit bats into a tiny patch of evergreen swamp forest in Kasanka National Park between October and December each year is the highlight of the Kasanka Calendar. While not typically at the top of the traditional safari traveller’s list, the spectacle and ecological implications of the arrival of up to 3’500 tons of flying mammals over an 8 week period to a tiny patch of forest is something that every nature lover will be enthralled with.

The bats leave the forest in the early evening every night and then return in the early hours of the morning at it is at this time that lucky visitors may get the chance to film the majestic Crowned Eagle hunting the bats as seen in the BBC AFRICA series(view video on the left), SAVANNA episode. Of course, there are other eagles hunting here including the Fish Eagle, Martial Eagle and many more.

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The last 2 weeks of October to the middle of December is typically the ‘best of the bat season’ with peak times being a full moon between middle of November and early December.

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The famous Bat Forest is located in close proximity to Wasa Lodge and the Pontoon Campsites but is certainly accessible through lightly longer game drives from Kabwe, Luwombwa and Bufumu. A number of hides and viewing platforms have been erected in and around the Bat Forest and the BBC hides and Fibwe hides are very popular to stake out to watch the bats arrive and leave each evening. Game drives to and from the Bat Forest are also likely to yield potential interesting sightings as well!

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Wasa Lodge is the closest situated accommodation to the bat forest. Other options include Luwombwa lodge or the various campsites.

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For further information and booking enquiries, please email us at res@kasankanationalpark.com

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