A Batty Competition with Wonderful Results

Kasanka bats (3)Bat Season 2015 did not disappoint as the millions of fruit bats descended upon Kasanka leaving guests breathless at the sight of these beautiful mammals stretching across the skies. The bats decided that Kasanka offered such comfortable  accommodation that they extended their stay and gave visitors to Kasanka more than enough time to enjoy their beauty.

In our post from 10 September 2015, before Bat Season began, we decided to run a competition to see who could most accurately predict the arrival and departure date of the bats and the length of their stay . We had so many people take part and many predictions were very close but we have a winner!

These are the dates that were recorded at the lodge: the bats arrival date was the 13th October, their departure date was the 6th January and the total amount of time spent at Kasanka Park was 85 days.

We would like to congratulate Sam Scott who is our winner and whose predictions were very accurate indeed. Sam has won a full board 2 night stay at Wasa Lodge for Bat Season this year.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the competition. Please look out for the competition in September again this year. I wonder who will be able to predict the dates correctly for 2016?

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