A Safari with a Difference

When someone mentions Kasanka National Park most people think of the annual bat migration, amazing sitatunga sightings or brilliant birding, all of which Kasanka is famous for! However not many people know about the fascinating education, development and conservation programmes which the Kasanka Trust (KTL) runs behind the scenes.

One long-term project which operates from the Kasanka Conservation Centre (KCC) is the Kasanka School. This small school takes pre-school children and teaches grades 1 and 2. Each morning, the children walk from their homes in nearby villages to the national park gate and then a further kilometre through the park to KCC. They come bounding through the classroom doors at 09.00 to begin their school day. The Kasanka School was started in 2006, originally for the children of KTL employees who are resident in Kasanka National Park. The school itself was built in 2008.

There are 110 pupils at the Kasanka School, and only two teachers. The class of pre-school children numbers 33, and the Grade 1 and 2 pupils sit in a combined class, consisting of 77 children. It is a busy morning for the teachers with such big classes!

Kasanka School pupils study the Zambian curriculum. Pre-school children are taught Integrated Science, Maths, Social Studies and Expressive Arts. For Grades 1 and 2, additional subjects taught are Bemba and Oral English.

Since 2010, the Kasanka School has been supported by a generous Dutch donor, Katheljine’s Children’s Fund. This support pays for the teacher’s salaries and training workshops, and one hot meal per day for every child.

HOW CAN YOU HELP?  Leave the animals for a morning and join us to observe a lesson and better still share your story and where you are from with the teachers and children at the Kasanka School.  Your visit will emphasise the importance of conservation and wildlife in attracting people to Kasanka from all over the world, and help the next generation grow into environmental champions!

Kasanka National Park is host to a research team who are based close to Fibwe Hide, near the bat forest. Since 2010, the Kinda Baboon Research project has studied these fascinating and little-understood creatures who are commonly found in the miombo woodlands of Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania and right here in Kasanka! Unlike other baboon species, the Kinda baboon is golden in colour with a light build and lanky appearance and is unusually small. Kinda baboons are characterised by their short faces, the pink circles around their eyes, and the fact that their infants are born white, instead of with black hair.

We have a limited opportunity to become “part of the troop” and join the Kinda baboon researchers for the afternoon as they follow these fascinating primates through the dambos and woodlands of Kasanka National Park. It’s a walking safari only this time WITH the animals

Many guests and visitors to Kasanka, having heard about these projects, are eager to get involved and understand more about the Kasanka Trust’s work. Because of this, we are proud to introduce the Kasanka Trust Day Experience. This fulfilling day will be followed by tea, coffee or a drink of your choice around the fire at Kinda Camp or back in the comfort of Wasa Lodge. 

Come and and join us for an unforgettable day and feel the heartbeat of Kasanka!

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