Kasanka National Park

Kasanka is a beautiful wilderness of woodland, plains, lakes, rivers and swamps in the North of Zambia. As well as its attraction for visitors it forms a valuable protected area for many endangered species.

Kasanka is Zambia’s first national park under private management and is entirely reliant on tourism revenue and charitable funding. It is a valuable conservation area with diverse flora and fauna including many endangered species and exceptional birdlife.

Kasanka GPRS Co-Ordinates: -12.583286, 30.199989 (View Google Map)

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Kasanka Management and Staff


Fred Mbulwe

Fred has had a long and interesting career working in teaching, policy and conservation in both Africa and in the UK. Fred has worked with the Kasanka Trust for several years, starting out as the community relations officer at the Kasanka Conservation Centre. He is now the park manager at Lavushi Manda and has worked tirelessly since 2011 to build up the park's infrastructure. Fred grows native plant species in his garden at the park gate and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the flora and fauna of the Bangweulu Wetlands.


Moffat Gondwe

Moffat is from Chinyanta village near Mfuwe in the Luangwa Valley.  His wife and 5 children are based in Lusaka. In 1999, Moffat started work as a chef at Tafika Camp (Remote Africa Safaris) in the South Luangwa National Park. He then moved on to Chichele Presidential Lodge and served as head chef there until 2013 after which he joined the Wasa Lodge team at Kasanka. Moffat learned his brilliant chef skills at the Chipata Trade Institute and has since honed his talents - he is a fantastic baker and enjoys using produce grown in the Wasa Lodge herb garden in his dishes.


Silishebo Kaumba

Silishebo's family live in Lusaka; he has 5 children and 2 grandchildren. Silishebo has over 25 years of experience in the government and private sectors in Zambia as an administrator, accountant and assistant auditor. Silishebo joined the Kasanka Trust in September 2015, as the Administration and Finance Manager. He is based at Kasanka and enjoys the privilege of living so close to nature. Silishebo is in his 4th and final year of studying for his Bachelor of Science degree in accounting through distance learning with the University of Lusaka.


Justine Ngoma

Justine lives in Mpulumba village near the park boundary with his wife and 3 children. Justine first started working for Kasanka in 2001 and in 2004 he was offered the position of watchman at Luwombwa Camp. In 2005 he joined the staff at Wasa Lodge as a waiter /barman and storeman. Today, Justine is an integral part of the Kasanka team who welcomes guests to Wasa Lodge.  Justine attends to the guests' needs and requirements, his welcoming and friendly nature makes everyone feel at home. He enjoys the busy bat season and interacting with guests from around the globe - it's a great opportunity to share his experiences at Kasanka and listen to guest's travel stories.


Boas Mwape Nkandu

Boas is married with 6 children and lives in Mapepala village on the southern edge of the park. Boas joined the Kasanka Trust in 2000 as a general worker and in 2001 joined the Wasa Lodge staff. Using his skills learned as a teenager in the family restaurant in Kitwe, Boas and soon started baking bread and cooking and in 2005 was appointed as a chef. Boas is based at Luwombwa Camp where he also works as the boatman and enjoys escorting guests on guided canoe and boat trips on the Luwombwa River. Boas is a keen conservationist who is actively involved in patrolling the river, removing illegal fishing nets and traps.


Alex Lwimba

Alex lives in Mwelushi village in Chiundaponde District with his wife and 6 children. Alex has been working as the Head Chef at Shoebill Island for 18 years. He spent the first 3 years of his long career working with Gary Williams, one of the Kasanka Trust's founding members, and is the Trust'slongest serving staff member. With limited resources available to him, Alex long ago mastered the art of cooking and baking fantastic cakes in the old wood stove and surprises and delights guests with his dishes. Alex also helps out in the kitchen at Wasa Lodge during the busy bat season between October and mid-December each year.


Remmy Chibesa

Remmy lives in Mulembo village with his wife and 7 children. Having started work as a waiter in 2000 at Shoebill Island Camp, he soon showed an aptitude for cooking and in 2004 he was appointed sous chef. In 2010, Remmy joined the staff at Wasa Lodge as part of the kitchen team, where he enjoys interacting with and collecting new recipes from self-catering guests using the kitchen facilities. Remmy supports the Kasanka Trust's conservation efforts and is a keen conservationist himself.


Brighton Mofya

Brighton first came to Kasanka for three months in 2012 as a volunteer, to familiarise himself with the workings of Kasanka National Park and learn about the bat migration. At this time, Brighton was working as a fisheries and research assistant in Bangweulu with African Parks.  Brighton also worked in the Bangweulu communities, sensitising people to the importance of using responsible ways to fish.  With this solid grounding in local flora and fauna and a strong personal interest in conservation, Brighton developed his knowledge of the natural world –particularly focusing on birds, which he loves. 

Brighton returned to volunteer at Kasanka in 2013, with the specific remit to monitor the population of 21 recently-introduced zebra.   Happily for the Kasanka Trust, Brighton started his full-time role as a guide the following year, and we are lucky to have him!  Brighton is known for his warm personality, infectious laugh and great guiding skills.  Brighton’s favourite spot at Kasanka is the Luwombwa River where he enjoys taking like-minded birding enthusiasts for a cruise in the boat. 


Boyd Mwila

Boyd is married with 2 children and lives in Mpulumba village. Boyd's aim was to become a teacher, but luckily for the Kasanka Trust, he started work as a night watchman in 2010. Management soon realised his potential and appointed him Assistant Manager at Shoebill Island Camp in 2014. Boyd is happy to be a part of the conservation efforts of the Kasanka Trust. He is currently based at Wasa Lodge and has enjoyed hosting guests from all over the world during the busy bat season