Halloween, Bats and Wildlife sightings in Kasanka

Written by: Tigger Scott, Wasa Lodge Manager


The hyenas are hooting, the hippos are thundering and the bats are screeching - about nine million of them! Yep, the great migration is in full swing and Kasanka has entered it's busiest month of the year.

One of our first visitors to witness this amazing spectacle was British High Commissioner, Fergus Cochrane-Dyet. We took some sundowners up to the top of the newly-decked BBC Hide to watch the spectacular evening exodus - an absolutely incredible sight with some lurking vultures and birds of prey perched hopefully in the trees, waiting to snap up a tasty bat snack!

This month has seen KTL patrols collecting a total of 60 snares and bring in 50 metres of fishing net. We've had some amazing animal sightings - a herd of 32 buffalo were seen at Yewe, 32 sable were spotted by Alpha at Chimponswe near New Mulembo and a further 12 sable were seen at Chikufwe. The elephants have been quite ubiquitous this month with sightings throughout the park and particularly around Old Kabwe. Hyenas have been heard, and their tracks seen at Old Kabwe and Chinyangali Plain. We also heard hyena around Wasa Lake two nights ago, absolutely unmistakeable and quite close to the lodge. Very interestingly, one young Kudu was recorded by Charlie patrol at Kafubashi - which, if we can confirm the sighting, would be really fantastic news as this antelope has only ever been recorded once in the park before, in 1952.

Lauren and Jemima, our camp volunteers continue to keep everything running smoothly at the lodge - we've had some great feedback from guests on our delicious new menu and some recent accessorizing has made the rooms much brighter.  We're really excited about the coming month and showcasing Kasanka looking at its absolute best!

Now is the time to visit Kasanka with 'Bat season' in full swing!

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