Looking for something new and different to do in the bush?

Kasanka is hosting a Team Building Challenge where teams will challenge each other in the park to track down pre-selected species in Kasanka.

The first team to find a complete TRACK (a specific set of pre-selected species) wins the Challenge and a free trip to the Bat Migration! See below for how the challenge works

How it works

Assemble a team
Teams will challenge each other with the aim of being the first to find a full track of Kasanka species.
Find the selected species
Teams have 2 game drives and 2 bush walks to find a track during the challenge. View the selected species here.
Tackle the other teams
The first team to find a full TRACK will win 1 night at Wasa Lodge in Kasanka during the annual Bat Migration on a Fully Inclusive basis

Challenge Details - What you need to know

Think 'BINGO'... but in the BUSH

Grand Prize

The winning team will win 1 NIGHT AT WASA LODGE in Kasanka during the annual Bat Migration on a Fully Inclusive basis!

Package Details

This Tracking Challenge is hosted at Wasa Lodge with availability for 4 teams available in 8 rooms.
Each team entry will consist of the following:

3 nights accommodation
2 x twin chalet or rondavel accommodation PER TEAM for 3 nights.
Meals, Tea & Coffee
Brunch, High Tea and Dinner throughout including a Prize - Giving Dinner on the last night. Teas, coffee and laundry.
2 game drives and 2 safari walks per team.

Want to do more?

If you like the above idea and want to do more, why don’t you use the event to help us raise funds for the Kasanka Anti-poaching Campaign in the following way:

The 16 listed species are broken into 4 categories based on how easy they are to find –
PLATINUM, GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE. (Click to view categories)
Every time a team finds a new species, they pledge funds towards the Kasanka Anti-Poaching Campaign.

BRONZE = ZMW 100 |  SILVER = ZMW 250 | GOLD = ZMW 500 | PLATINUM = ZMW 1000