Charging Elephant & Python Prey: August Week 1 & 2

There have been some amazing animal sightings and fantastic ground work going on at Kasanka over the last 2 weeks!

Recent guests were lucky enough to discover a python halfway through ingesting a puku on a walk around Wasa Lake. Unfortunately we don’t have any photographs due to the snake retreating into long grass, but we were assured it was a pretty impressive sight!

The early burning program is ongoing with the help of wonderful volunteers namely Eric and Hetty. As well as protecting the park, the burning aids better game viewing.

The Kasanka management and staff have been busy finding the best possible location for the new camp in Lavushi to be set up. Missioning over bumpy roads and negotiating through through enormously tall grass in the lush surrounds, the team were able to inspect the 3 different sites mapped out by Adam and Robin Pope.  

With gorgeous and secluded palm-fringed pools hosting a resident hippo and waterfalls with wide rivers, Lavushi Manda is breathtaking and packed with secluded and secret places! The mountain ranges and rugged terrain is any hikers dream.There is much excitement as we delve into the vast potential of this wild and beautiful place. A camera trap was set up at Lavushi to give insight as to what animals can be found in this largely unexplored park so watch this space!

Images courtesy of Chris Meyer

Back at Kasanka our general manager and board member were confronted by quite an intimidating bull elephant while driving across the causeway from Pontoon. The elephant crossed in front of them, circled the car several times and mock charged. All made it back to Wasa safe and sound, though somewhat flustered! The Wasa hippos are very visible at the moment, basking on the opposite bank of the lake during the day and snorting to each other during the night.  It’s a very comforting sound…..

Lastly we love to share pleasing responses from satisfied guests:

“It was fantastic and we enjoyed the time very much with the walking safaris and the game drives. The meals are very delicious and the guests were very happy. Thank you so much for your excellent service and the excellent crew in your house.”

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