Winter Wildlife Fashion Fundraiser

winter_fashion_flyerAs the days tick by and next month approaches, excitement is growing at both Kasanka and Lavushi Manda National Parks! We’re looking forward to a very special event, to be held at the Lusaka Museum, which is not only going to raise money for a great cause, but also allow some of Zambia’s finest fashion designers to showcase their work. What is this event, I’m sure you’re wondering. Well, it is the first ever Kasanka Trust Winter Wildlife Fashion Fundraiser, debuting in Zambia’s sunny capital on 22nd July 2016!

The Kasanka Trust is partnering with some stand-out names in the Zambian fashion industry to bring you this event, in the combined spirit of ‘local is powerful’. This isn’t the first time that the fashion industry has partnered with an awesome wildlife or environmental charity to raise money for a great cause. Internationally, we’ve seen some amazing things happen in this arena over the years, from French / Japanese fashion house Kenzo partnering with UK ocean conservation charity the Blue Marine Foundation; to brands such as G-Star Raw collaborating with Pharrell Williams and Bionic Yarn (a company that creates fabric out of recovered ocean plastics), to increase awareness around conservation issues in our planet’s seas. In Africa, South Korean label PAT is partnering with NGO Save the Rhino to raise funds for this amazing cause, and designer Stella McCartney has became the first fashion house to join the Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network which works to protect endangered species in Africa and benefit people through increased food security, income and employment. However, we believe that this is the first time such prolific local Zambian designers have come together in this country to stand shoulder to shoulder with growing conservation charity the Kasanka Trust, united in cultivating and expressing not only a vital Zambian identity through fashion, but also using it to recognise and raise money for Zambia’s rich wildlife heritage which must be preserved at all costs.

In Lusaka, Ndola, Livingstone and other cities across Zambia, we are seeing some really exciting developments in the homegrown fashion industry. Vibrant young Zambian designers are making headlines, not just here in Zambia but further afield in South Africa, Europe and America. The eye-catching chitenge-chic concept reflected in many unique designs really captures the essence of diversity and style which is so distinctly Zambian. Think ethnic fabric paired with lycra to create a funky jumpsuit, or bold splashes of chitenge cut into a sleek sheath dress in the latest catwalk style. It’s not all about women’s fashion, either. Talented Zambian designers also incorporate some niche designs into their collections which cater for the modern man. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for us on the runway at the Kasanka Trust Winter Wildlife Fashion Fundraiser!

All proceeds from the Kasanka Trust Winter Wildlife Fashion Fundraiser 2016 will go towards protecting and conserving wildlife at Kasanka and Lavushi Manda National Parks, as well as to the fantastic Zambian designers whose work will be showcased on the night. In tandem with the emerging Zambian fashion industry, exciting developments are in the pipeline for the Kasanka Trust and the two national parks it operates, Kasanka and Lavushi Manda. Later this year, the Kasanka Trust will expand its operations in Lavushi Manda National Park, creating a self-catering tented camp in one of the most dramatic and beautiful of Zambia’s national parks. There are plans afoot to build new, improved accommodation at Kasanka as well as a new bat hide which will enable viewing of the world’s greatest mammal migration from the air. If you haven’t yet visited either Kasanka or Lavushi Manda, don’t worry – we aren’t going anywhere! We hope you will join us on July 22nd to show your support for the Zambian fashion industry and for Zambian conservation efforts – it’s going to be an amazing evening and we can’t wait to demonstrate that local is powerful indeed!

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