Shoebill Trek: Overview

Kasanka National Park offers the perfect opportunity for you to go on a Shoebill trek in search of the Shoebill stork in the Bangweulu Wetlands area.

TRAVEL DATES: A day trip from Kasanka between 1 August - 1 October 2017

What you can expect

Embark on an adventure into the Bangweulu Wetlands to track down the prehistoric-looking Shoebill stork. Journey into the Shoebill’s environment and if found, witness the unique behaviour of this giant while adventuring through the rich habitat that it calls home. Allow our local guides to assist you in this expedition in uncovering this magnificent bird while you appreciate the excellent birding in the area.

Day Trip Logistics

Road transfer from KasankaBanana boat transferTrekking for the Shoebill
It’s an early start as you  depart from Kasanka National Park with a 2 hour road transfer ahead of you. You will pass through roadside villages until you reach a small harbour. From the harbour you will jump into a banana boat and enjoy an hour and a half ride through marshland until you reach the fishing villageAfter arriving at the fishing village, you will start the big trek on foot through waist deep swamp and papyrus for about 500m to the nesting spot.


Total Cost & Additional Information

TRAVEL DATES: A day trip from Kasanka between 1 August - 1 October 2017

RECOMMENDED CLOTHING: Waterproof boots, waders (if possible), caps & sunblock, neutral coloured clothing, as well as a change of clothing if you don’t have waders.


Disclaimer: While KTL will make every effort possible to keep you informed of the whereabouts and likelihood of finding a Shoebill and or Shoebill nest, the reality is that the Shoebill movement in this area is sporadic and sightings can never be guaranteed.