Spectacular Birding in Kasanka: August Week 3

Dan Taylor from Bat Conservation International was a recent guest to Kasanka and was able to enjoy the finest birding over the past week. Recorded sightings were of a Narina Trogon on the banks of the Luwombwa, several Ross’s Turaco, a Pel’s Fishing Owl (very rare, though regularly spotted at Kasanka!) one Finfoot and several roosting Wattled Crane close to Chisambabaponde Dambo.

With close to 500 species of birds it’s no wonder that Iain Sinclair described Kasanka as “offering some of the finest birding in Africa”. 

Birding seems to be on the rise as an activity and Kasanka has a number of amazing specials on offer. The Luwombwa River and Bufumu Forest with its treetop canopy tower offer some superb birding but really, there are incredible specials to be found all over the park.

Blue monkey and Bohm’s Bee Eater were also spied at Fibwe and Pontoon. The Kasanka animals are slowly emerging from the winter freeze with warmer weather over the last week or two and insects starting up the evening chorus…. definitely a sign of warmer weather on its way!

 Lastly, a curious guest visited the staff quarters this by curling himself around the kitchen window frame of one of the houses. The snake was a stunning green colour and seemed very interested in the humans gawping at him.. until he promptly lost his balance and fell off, quickly taking refuge in a nearby tree!

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