Unexpected Predators in Bat Season


The Bat Migration in Kasanka is a widely know phenomenon which brings about much excitement and anticipation being one of the most jaw-dropping spectacles of nature and an absolute must for the safari enthusiast!

What many guests do not expect when they visit Kasanka over bat season is the predatory birds that can be sighted in and around the bat forest. The migration attracts large raptors like crowned, fish and martial eagles as well as vultures who take advantage of the easy prey available to them over this time.

The crowned eagle regularly nest in the surrounding trees of the dense forest staying close to the food supply for their hungry, young chicks. Using their keen eyesight, they spot their prey from kilometres away and make their move. The eagles hunt in flight, swooping through the bats, taking them on the wing and giving visitors a show of their power and stealth.

While the sheer volume of bats is special, it is the atmosphere surrounding this phenomenon that stays with you. The dramatic skies as the early summer rains approach with heavy clouds offering the promise of breathtaking storms is the perfect backdrop for the bats to display their splendour.

Kasanka over bat season is an absolute treat for birding enthusiasts as not only do the large raptors flourish over this time but goshawks and kites flock to enjoy the hatching of the termites that come with the rains.


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