Join us a for a 4 night hiking safari with a combination of lodging and exclusive camping inside Kasanka National Park

Embark on an adventure to reconnect with nature and escape into pristine wilderness! Allow our local guides to assist you in uncovering all the best spots in Kasanka on this 4 night hiking safari. With incredibly diverse habitats, fantastic birding and unique wildlife, your journey through the park will enrich your soul.


Available 15th August to 30th September
Night 1: Wasa Lodge
Night 2: Mululu camp
Night 3: Kapabi camp (With the option to pick guests up from Pontoon if needed)
Night 4: Wasa Lodge Lodge


Available 1st June - 14th August; 1st September - 30st September
Night 1: Luwombwa Lodge
Night 2: Bufumu Camp
Night 3: Chikufwe Camp
Night 4: Luwombwa Lodge


Available 1st September to 30th September
Night 1: Wasa Lodge
Night 2: Mululu Camp
Night 3: Chikufwe Camp
Night 4: Luwombwa Lodge

Some wonderful feedback from guests

Great to see the positive feedback coming in from our guests

"The wilderness trail was a serious highlight... it was very special to arrive to the already set up camp in that lovely setting - Wasa is also so beautiful!" - Emma Troughton.

"Being in this environment has filled my soul and help me reconnect with nature."  - Quentin Wylie.

"So good to have experienced this park! It has beauties such as different sceneries and changes in vegetation in a rather small area."- Trijntje Talen.